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The Cosmos are a team of energetic young executives who are appointed by the Management annually to ensure the agency's social calendar is fun-filled. They also facilitate dialogue where necessary and keep everyone up to date on the news within the agency.

They are also entrusted with specific tasks by the Management. The company's year-end celebration, the Leo Burnett Global Anniversary Celebration and the Cannes Prediction are events that are staged annually by the Cosmos. They also organise other programmes and events to facilitate the cameraderie and to keep the Burnett spirit high at all times.

All in all the Cosmos promote goodwill and spread their enthusiasm throughout the corridors of the agency.

The Leo Burnett Solutions Inc. (LBSI) team has always had strong ties with and a hands-on involvement in the wider community that it serves.

- The 'Apple Dhansala' in which chilled apple slices and cold beverages were simply offered to visitors in keeping with the Buddhist tradition and Leo's own penchant for giving.

- The 'Apple Art' charity installation, in which colleagues, partners, clients and friends helped create a mural made up of thousands of apples and then distributed the apples to all those around, including the children of an orphanage, many of whom were seeing an apple for the first time.

- The annual 'Leo Avurudhu Ulela' (Sinhala and Tamil New Year festivities) brings together Burnetters' friends and families, as well as friends and counterparts from other Agencies, in a traditional celebration to mark the beginning of a new year.

- The annual 'Christmas Charity' is also another time that the Burnetters remember the less privileged. The Burnett carolers start the night by singing carols to the elderly at a Home of the Aged. Each Burnetter selects a child from an orphanage and purchase gifts for the children to spread the joy of Christmas to fund unprivileged children.

- New Year - At Leo Burnett, we believe that a good breakfast is an auspicious start to a New Year, that's why we gather at office on 1st January, bleary eyed though we may be, to enjoy a traditional breakfast with Kiribath.

- Our Anniversary - 1st June is a great day for Leo Burnett in Sri Lanka. It is our anniversary. And what better way to celebrate than gathering together for another traditional breakfast.

- TGIF - Social revelry is another area the Burnetters involve themselves with in great gusto. The monthly TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) which is hosted by employees, departments and various other groups held at the agency's Quadrangle, is important. It facilitate dialogues, partnership and friendship thus helping to strengthen the bonds within the team.

- Christmas Party - Every year, the Cosmos organises the Leo Christmas Party which is usually theme based and an eagerly anticipated event amongst the team. There is an air of excitement weeks before as people in the agency rush around to get their costumes and accessories readied for the party. The Leo Christmas Party is one of a kind - with foot-tapping music, fun games, dancing and great food.

- Carols - Our crooners also go carol singing to the homes of our key clients, business partners and friends. The evening ends with a party at the MD's home where the festive season is joyously celebrated.

- Cannes Predictions - The Annual Cannes Lions is the most prestigious festival that showcases and rewards the best work. The Cosmos annually takes on the challenge to organise a special evening for the local industry to predict the winning entries, which is an initiative spearheaded by Leo Burnett Worldwide.

- Playshop - A recent new event added to the agency's calendar is this 48 hour get-away of fun, laughter and bonding. It's a time for the entire team to play, to chill and to unwind.

In 2010, the team rode the Ruhunu Kumari to Galle for a night's stay at the Lighthouse Hotel. In 2011, the entire agency team took wings on a Sri Lankan Air Taxi to Kandy. The challenge for the 2012 programme has already begun.

Apple Art

Dancing Leo

Hunting for Lions

Leo Families

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