Lara Baptist
Brand Manager

Always two steps ahead of the game, Lara is a consummate ad professional with over 7 years experience in the industry.

While her forte is Retail advertising (think Odel Christmas!), Lara has also helped to build mass brands like Tokyo Cement, DFCC, Lanka IOC and multinational giant, Unilever. By handling such a varied portfolio, Lara has gained an intimate knowledge of the Sri Lankan consumer, keenly observing people's habits, attitudes and lifestyle.

But what really attracted Lara to advertising is the 'adrenalin rush', making her an ever-ready volunteer for the next exciting challenge.

History: Shift Solutions, Grant McCann Erickson, Leo Burnett Solutions Inc. (Sri Lanka).

Education: CIM Stage 1 | Certificate in Marketing.
The brands managed by Lara.

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