6th Apr 2020

#QuarantineCooking in Sri Lanka

How food brands (and brands in general) can respond to changing behavior.

Weeks into quarantine living, our homes are now the epicenter of life and our kitchens are undoubtedly the epicenter of our homes. According to Social Blade, in the past 30 days alone, popular cooking channel Apé Amma’s YouTube subscriptions have increased by over 150% and its new views have more than doubled. With more people at home, more meals being prepared and limited ingredients at hand, cooking have become an act of creativity in addition to a means of providing sustenance.

#QuarantineCooking in Sri Lanka

Here are 3 ways in which cooking habits are evolving in Sri Lankan kitchens –

1. Making more with less

Leftovers from one meal become a base for the next, with people looking to minimize wastage and maximize value in every dish. In these times of limited availability of produce, people are also turning to their garden-grown fruits and vegetables with coconut, mango, banana, and karapincha among others being used in versatile ways in snacks and meals.

2. Making from scratch

Items like bread which were once bought from outside stores are now being made from scratch at home. Over the past few weeks, Google Search trends for Sri Lanka also show a notable spike in recipe searches for items like bread and fish buns.

3. Making something different

While many cooks for sustenance, others see it as an opportunity to try something different. Dalgona Coffee, for example, is a beverage trend that originated in Korea and has gained considerable popularity in Sri Lankan homes.

How brands can help make the cooking process easier for people -

1. Make it simple

Ella’s Kitchen, a company that produces a range of baby and toddler food is inspiring parents with easy recipes and ways of making meals more fun for kids. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s Instagram feed now features her #RecipeOfTheDay; comfort food ideas using ingredients available in most kitchens.

2. Make it useful

Dairy company Lala Mexico provides practical advice on creating balanced meals as well as tips on versatile ingredients and their many uses. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has launched his ‘Keep Calm and Cook’ TV show filmed by his wife in their home, with useful recipes for essentials such as pasta and bread which people are finding hard to come by.

3. Make it interesting

In light of the 21-day lockdown initiated across India, Kellogg’s India has partnered with a popular family blogger and developed a collection of 21 breakfast recipes for 21 days, to help families reduce the stress of planning and keep meals interesting.