31st Aug 2020

The one question every strategist needs to ask

Many years ago, I was ill-prepared for a meeting with a new client. I had not studied their brief, brand or the category in which they operated. My mentor revealed a key that has helped me ever since. One question was all it took to rescue me. Now, I continue to benefit from its usefulness in every situation I find myself.

The one question every strategist needs to ask

When a client first shares their brief with me, this is the one question that I will ask to help me address their requirements.

This question will help inspire not just great advertising ideas, but solutions that will ignite your clients business.

If there is one question that every creative team wants their account person to have an answer to, this is it.

If your creative idea answers this question, convincing clients becomes much less challenging.

When proactively approaching a potential client for business, asking this question will help nudge open their door.

Asking this question will position your brand and differentiate you from your competition effectively.

The question is – What is the Problem to Solve?