12th Mar 2020


Writing a brief is as much a science as it is an art

We at Publicis Groupe revere the brief as the base of all good work, so how do you take your problem and turn it into a winning brief? Here’s a ready reckoner to get you started.


Solve these 7 problems to write a compelling brief.

1) What is the problem that your product/service is trying to solve?

Is it a drop in sales? Is a specific SKU not performing? Is it confusion about the brand benefit by the audience? Is it a lack of reach?

2) What is the real problem?

Try to look past the symptom, and seek out the real issue by asking the right questions from the right people.

3) Who is this a problem for?

Have you defined the audience? Is it our internal sales force? Is it our retail customer? Is it our end user? Is it regulatory?

4) Can you identify a [perceived or real] human problem?

Focus on people. Try to get to the bottom of what is driving human behavior. And ask, how can we help solve a problem for people?

5) Can you reframe the problem?

If you see the problem through a human lens, you will see it from a completely different perspective. You will look for a better problem to solve than the obvious.

6) Why did the problem happen?

Was it a miscalculation in our expectations? Was it not a consumer need? Did a change happen in the macro/micro-environment?

7) Is this a problem that advertising alone can solve?

Think about using the most powerful two words in creativity…What if? Come up with real solutions to the problem. Look beyond an advertising solution.